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Somebody, pinch me

Here are some books covers I’ve been saving.

Designer: Adam Johnson. A Short History of the United States. I’m not really into history, but this short history is visually appealing enough for me it at least open it.

Designer: Henry Sene Yee. Columbine. Nothing much to say about this one. Just beautifully simple. It does justice to its content.

Designer: Michael Bierut. The Luzhin Defense. Who says the title can’t be falling on little pieces of paper? No one.

Designer: Jason Ramirez. I Love it When You Talk Retro. This book on “verbal artifacts” definitely caught my attention. Sex sells, and so does “hoochie coochie.”

Designer: Jason Ramirez

Designer: Jason Ramirez. Do Me. I saved the best for last. Books doing it? Yes, please. I don’t know if the publisher or the designer came up with the tagline “One night reads from Tin House,” but it’s genius.

All images are from The Book Cover Archive.


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