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Somebody, pinch me

When I first saw the preview for Bounty Hunter, I was with a group of friends, most of whom are guys. One of them said something to the effect of, “They are just putting guns in a chick flick. I’m not falling for it.” I didn’t fall for it either, but I can tell you that this blurring of genres is not something I fancy. These action romantic comedies had better step it up because I’m confused. Case in point: Date Night.

I didn’t laugh until ten minutes into the movie. And the couple scenes when I was supposed to say “awww,” it was more like an “oh, please.” What’s worse is, if I see “Bounty Hunter” and it is anything more than barely tolerable, I will be pleasantly surprised, but with Steve Carell and Tina Fey on the poster, I expected nothing less than side-splitting, knee-slapping, uproarious laughter, and I was nothing but disappointed.

While this is a fad now in Hollywood, the action, comedy, love story has been done before. And it’s been done right. In 1959 Some Like It Hot, put Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis on the run from the mob while chasing after Marilyn Monroe in dresses. Can’t beat it.

This movie is by far one of my favorite comedies of all time, and that’s why. It’s because I can call it a comedy. Billy Wilder chose a genre and stuck with it. It works because there is a focal point.

I love The Office and I love 30 Rock even more, but Fey and Carell in Date Night is not my idea of a good match. Check out my full review at


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