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Somebody, pinch me

Sometimes I look up movie trailers to find out what’s coming out soon. This usually leads to me getting overly-excited about movies that don’t come out in months. But here are some flicks coming out this season.

Please Give

What’s that girl from Spanglish up to? (I seem to be one of only a few people who love that movie.) It looks like a fun concept, comically morbid. This can be hit or miss if they decide to split it right down the middle and have you laughing through the first half and crying through the second. If it’s not well executed, it can just be awkward.


I always forget how much I love Catherine Keener. Here she is again, this time as the ex-wife of John C. Reilly. I will be seeing it the week in July it comes out. This too might be awkward, but in a fantastic way. I don’t know who thought to put John C. Reilly, Marissa Tomei and Jonah Hill in the same movie, but I’m digging it.

Get him to Greek

This is more like the Jonah Hill we know. Jonah Hill is P.Diddy’s assistant and has to make sure an eccentric rock star gets to his concert. I think he might be better in Cyrus, but either way, I’m glad to see him in a couple leading roles.


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