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Somebody, pinch me

I like Barnes and Noble as much as the next book-lover. Starbucks brewing  in the background. Best-sellers in stock. Magazines I’ve never heard of. It’s all very…commercially scholastic. But there’s something to be said for the tiny bookstore with a with a color-coded sticker price system and a sign outside that reads “Bookstore”

On Habersham and 40th, this little place is so cluttered with used books it’s overwhelming at first, but then you start digging through the titles and it’s pretty awesome sometimes what you find. We went in while waiting for Al Salaam (an Arabic restaurant I definitely recommend)  to open one afternoon and I’ve gone back several times since then. I found a book of short stories from a college five minutes away from my house in Texas.

The store is owned by a family with a little girl who definitely shows evidence of having grown up with endless access to a library. My roommate, Jessi Gilbert, is documenting the store for one of her photo classes. There’s everything from history books to trashy romance novels to forgotten yearbooks.

There is no Starbucks or table for best sellers, but there is a $1 rack and Jessi found a first edition of Gulliver’s Travels. You can’t beat that.


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