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Somebody, pinch me

The other day, I came home to my roommate watching World’s Greatest Dad. This movie came out after a string of flops from Robin Williams. Case in point: RV, Man of the Year, License to Wed and Everyone’s Hero (?). So last year, when Robin Williams played the World’s Greatest Dad, I was all but enthused. I mean, look at the cover.

Honestly, I can’t say I even enjoyed the movie while watching it. The kid from Spy Kids is masturbating and Robin Williams is making out with a really tall, annoying younger woman. Seeing all this in the first half of the movie, I’m saying, “Say what?”

Robin Williams’ son (the kid from Spy Kids) is an ignorant, bratty pervert (hence what I mentioned earlier). Robin Williams teaches poetry at said son’s high school. No one likes his class, he’s trying to write a book with no success and since his wife died, he’s started sleeping with another young, pretty teacher at the school. And yes, there is a sex scene with Robin Williams. All the while, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be laughing or crying at the pathetic lives of this guy and his son.

Here comes a SPOILER ALERT: (which I don’t feel to bad about because it’s in the Netflix summary) The kid accidentally choked to death while…pleasuring himself. So what does Dad do? He forges his kid’s suicide note, and gets famous as the father of a kid with a hidden talent.

Sometimes a movie is supposed to make you feel uneasy or awkward, like Lars and the Real Girl, this just made me feel disgusted. So why did I like it? I was totally caught off-guard. I expected first-class cheesiness with Robin Williams and Spy Kids kid in some struggle of a broken family overcoming a dead mother. Some laughs, some coming-to-Jesus talks, and a touching moral.

But when it was over, I felt a little enlightened. I’m not sure I will feel the need to watch it again, but I found it strangely fascinating, morbidly cooky and I might even say, enlightening. Although I do hope no kid who’s a die-hard fan of Spy Kids went to see their favorite actor in this movie. He definitely is not fighting any bad guys.


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