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Somebody, pinch me

It’s about to be summertime, and that means I must begin my reading list. How do I do that? I walk through the aisles of Barnes and Noble and see what pops out at me. Scrolling the virtual aisles of The Book Cover Archive, this is what I’ve come up with so far.

Leeann Falciani

Designer: Leeann Falciani

Text making noise.

Isaac Tobin

Designer: Isaac Tobin

As subtle sigh of relief.

Pete Garceaum, Nelson Mandela

Designer: Pete Garceau

Just beatiful, simple and powerful.

Jason Ramirez

Designer: Jason Ramirez

Funny and lighthearted. I usually don’t like vertical text, but with this, I dig it.

Ben Wiseman

Designer: Ben Wiseman

You got me. Very clever.

Will I read them all? Maybe not. Probably not. There’s still overflow from last summer, but they’re still nice to look at, right?


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