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Somebody, pinch me

This summer, since I will not have endless imminent deadlines and projects to turn in, I have to find a hobby. I’ve had a lot so far, but never gotten far past amateur with any of them: oil painting, jewelry making, cooking, My next amateur endeavor is going to be encaustic painting.

It’s a process of painting with hot colored beeswax. A lot of people pay a fee in a studio when they’re getting started. Buying all the supplies can be pricey, but if you plan on doing it for a while, it’s worth it.

From what I understand, you need different colors of wax, a wax hotplate thing, and whatever you are painting on.

I’m sure there are many more intricacies I will find out along the way. In a few mere months, I just might be an encaustic Picasso or da Vinci.


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