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If I had the patience, the attention to detail, the knowledge of typographic history, or the creativity to be a type designer–if I had any of that–and I designed one typeface (a good one), I could die happy.

Alot of people don’t know what a typographer is. It’s a person who designs typefaces. What is a typeface? It’s a font. Like Comic Sans? Well, not exactly but you’re on the right track.

After taking one type class I’m completely in love with letters. Not in the same way I’m in love with words as a writer, but it connects. How the content connects with how each letter, word and paragraph looks can make or break the appeal of anything you read.

I won’t go into detail about classifications and anatomy, but here are some pretty letters:

Make letters out of stuff.

Make letters into stuff.

Lots of letters.

Not lots of letters.







Almost anything can translate to type.  My Typography professor said, “Think of how it should sound. That’s how it should look.”


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