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I’m a Texan, but I wouldn’t say I claim Texas, at least not in the way some do. There are the Texans who have the drawl in their speech the spurs on their boots and the balls on their trucks, and since my patronage doesn’t extend far beyond my license plate–it doesn’t seem right to go around claiming it as a major character trait. But I have recently come to to terms with a Texan aesthetic, things of normalcy in the Lone Star State that (as I am finding) are not normal around the country.

1. Mums

Why the hell would anyone wear these things? To be honest, I’ve never known. They can be long or short, usually school colors. It’s just a flower as a centerpiece with ribbons and various plastic garland and stuff hanging from it. You can make them yourself or order them, but either way you’re looking at triple digits out of pocket. The guys wear them to, but as garters. As a junior, you are “allowed” to wear a double mum, which has two flowers or centerpieces. A senior you can wear a triple mum–good Lord. The flowers. Sometimes there are lights and things that make noise.

Our homecoming was more about the football game than a dance, so usually they are just worn with a t-shirt.

2. Trucks

The other day my roommate made the statement “People who drive trucks are ass holes.” That assumption was confirmed twice that day, but I felt somewhat blasphemous agreeing with it considering I come from a place where trucks are a status symbol ad a culture of themselves. There’s a reason Dodge’s slogan in Texas is “Bigger in Texas, better in a Dodge.”

It’s not just a guy-thing either. There are plenty or girls who drive trucks. More power to them. I seldom see people towing things around in their truck, so it seems like a more fuel-efficient vehicle would be a more financially sound choice, but hey, if it hasĀ  a Hemi, why not?

3. Country music

Like I said, I don’t have a country station programmed in my car. I know a few songs here and there, but country concerts are a good time.

Of course, it’s best if you can mouth the words with the band, but even if you don’t, at country concerts, people know how to the words, they get hyped, and they get drunk–really drunk. It’s not country without a song about boos, a girl and a truck.I’ve been to several concerts at a place called Bill Bob’s (“The World’s Largest Honky Tonk) in the Fort Worth Stockyards. That’s Texas fun.

The nation that is the state of Texas proudly flies their flag the same height as the U.S. flag, because they are the only state that can. Texas is not part of the South–it’s Texas. Yes, I had my prom at Lone Star Park, a horse track. Yes, I say “y’all.” No, I don’t wear boots too often and I don’t have a truck, but Texas is part of who I am and in some way, part of how I design, write and live.


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